Port on the Mediterranean Sea, in the south of Turkey.

Discover Mersin, probably one of the best kept secrets in Turkey

Mersin is located in southern Turkey has a subtropical climate with very mild winters beside the currently very popular tourist region of Antalya and Alanya. Mersin is a big city, but still relatively unknown to most western tourists. The road between Mersin and Alanya has been redesigned and now offers a good connection between these two cities and the 500 km long coast. The eastern Mediterranean coast (which is much less densely populated than the west) has at least as much variation in remarkable sights. Like pearls on a necklace string is not only the monumental forts string here, but also the hinterland and its beautiful beaches are a true feast for the eyes.


Mersin has a very rich and tumultuous history

Since 6000 years before our era, many peoples their civilizations from Turkey. What few people know is that the Christian faith was spread from Turkey in the world. The first church building stands in Antakya, also of Antioch (about 400 km from Mersin) called.

Mersin has a paradisiacal nature: forests, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and a rich fauna and flora. Fruit trees like oranges, lemons and bananas grow lush.

And especially the wonderful Mediterranean climate, which is optimal for the physical and mental wellbeing. With 330 days of sunshine a year, Mersin is the place to be for the purchase of a (second) home.

Mersin is a port city with a 12km breath taking new promenade along the coast. The ferry to Cyprus can be via Mersin or Silifke.

The airport is currently located in Adana, Turkey's fourth largest city and center of the area.

New international airport in Tarsus (30 km from Mersin city) was built, starting in January 2012 completion of the works in 2017.

The southern port city of Mersin Turkey plays an important role in the regional economy and international economy as the third largest port in Turkey.

Shopping in Mersin is very cheap and the products are of high quality. There are also plenty of excellent local restaurants and Turkish coffee houses, bars, nightclubs, etc ...

There's an undeniable Middle East atmosphere: the further to the east, the lively and colourful bazaars and the spicier the food.

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