City full of history at Aegean Sea

The coastal town of Ayvalık is the capital of the eponymous district in the Turkish province of Balıkesir on the Aegean Sea. The city has long been inhabited by Greeks. In 1891 the population consisted of 21 666 Greeks and 180 Turks. Ayvalik was during the Ottoman era an important trade center, Ayvalik had a far-reaching autonomy with many European consulates.

Avalik is surrounded by archipelagos of the Ayvalik Islands. Its exceptionally green area formed by the numerous olive groves and pine forests is the sky of exceptional quality oxygenated.

The first Greek island of Lesbos who reach half an hour by ferry from Ayvalik.

Three major cities of antiquity surrounding Ayvalik Assos and Troy in the north and Pergamon (Bergama) in the east. The architecture is almost entirely intact alternately Greek and Ottoman style.

Ayvalik also has one of the two longest sandy beaches of Turkey, including Altinova beach (Q EGE) 30 km long.

Ayvalik with its Cunda Island are very famous for its seafood restaurants which are located directly at the seashore.

Aegean olive oil production is located around the city Ayvalik and there are numerous shops selling the end product and its derivatives.

For sailing enthusiasts the Aegean is one of the most beautiful destinations with its numerous bays, islands, Marina's.

Also for scuba diving is the region well known for its impressive submarine fauna.

To Ayvalik / Atlinova reach we have a regional airport in Endremit at 61 km distance (46min) or via the international airport of Izmir (160 km).

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